Been There Done That by Hope Ellis

Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Recommendation : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

““It is when you’re not motivated by what genuinely excites you anymore. What makes your soul sing. Then, baby—” I captured her chin. “Then you end up feeling like you’re living for everybody else. Like you do now. Your mother said it to you, and I’ll add to her voice. Take your time. Find that thing that excites you. Even if it leads you to a different path, don’t be scared. Maybe the way you’re looking at it, the way I’ve been looking at my own goals, is wrong. Maybe the journey isn’t linear. Maybe the real deal is we never really find all the parts to ourselves, not wholly and completely, without a good deal of continued searching. Maybe life’s just a meandering path we keep chasing in pursuit of learning all our selves. We’re both still learning, growing, changing, and our paths may change to reflect that.”

Disclaimer – I’m a big fan of the Smartypants Romance books and have read all of the releases to date. I’ve also read all of Penny Reid’s previous books that started the spin off series of books that are a part of Smartypants Romance. Although this book can be read as a stand-alone, I would recommend reading the previous books as it creates more depth to reading the story and understanding the backgrounds of characters that may appear every now and then. I am also an ‘In the loop’ Patreon for Smartypants Romance which involves having access to one eARC per year, which this book is not.

Dr Zora Leffersbee and Mr Nick Rossi have spent 12 years apart longing for each other after their teenage romance was abruptly ended by Nick’s disappearance 12 years earlier. Will there be another chance to pick up where they left off or will the hurt they’ve both endured keep them from each other.

I always find myself appreciating the storylines of the Smartypants romance books and this one is no different. The author takes on the challenge of writing about a character in clinical research and in health care technology development and I feel like she really understood each area and made it her own in this wonderful book. I really appreciate the writers story writing skills and ability to portray characters in a believable light with just enough emotion to form an attachment from the reader.

I especially enjoyed the fact that the author wrote the main character as a curvy girl of colour. Two very underrepresented traits of women in romance books. I loved the morale boosting storyline of acceptance based on your inner qualities and the strong female lead. The book resonated very strongly with me for the above reasons and the fact that it’s set in a science/medicine scene for some parts. I felt this was a very timely read for me and I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the story of Nick and Zora’s reacquaintance.

The only bad thing that I picked up from the book was that there seemed to be quite a lot of typos which was a real shame, just because of how I am as a reader, sometimes it becomes a little difficult to look past. I know this is Hope Ellis’ debut book in the Smartypants Romance universe and I thought it was an incredibly engaging tale with really strong and thought provoking messages throughout as well as a good portrayal of a healthy and fruitful relationship.

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