The Treble with Men: A Secret Identity Romance by Piper Sheldon

Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Recommendation : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Somewhere along the line men learn that the best way to compliment a woman is to insult another. But maybe reframe your thoughts. Because if you would have told me something like, his ex liked to kick puppies, then I’d be like, ‘Yeah she does not sound awesome.’ But blanket statements about all women just end up hurting us all in the end.” – Kim Dae

Disclaimer – I’m a big fan of the Smartypants Romance books and have read all of the releases to date. I’ve also read all of Penny Reid’s previous books that started the spin off series of books that are a part of Smartypants Romance. Although this book can be read as a stand-alone, I would recommend reading the previous books as it creates more depth to reading the story and understanding the backgrounds of characters that may appear every now and then. I am also an ‘In the loop’ Patreon for Smartypants Romance which involves having access to one eARC per year, which this book is not.

Kim Dae created a whole persona under the guise of Christina Day for herself after a tragedy in her youth. What she didn’t count on was developing two completely different personalities to accommodate the life she wanted to lead. That was until Devlin turned her world upside down.

Devlin and his anger issues kept getting him into serious trouble in the world of conducting music. Maybe the young lady sitting at fourth chair cellist becoming his muse might be the answer to getting himself straight.

She hides behind her persona and he hides behind a mask and hat, will their fears reunite them and bring them the happiness they’ve both been missing out on for their whole lives.

Following the Smartypants Romance releases as they are published leaves a very high standard when starting the next in series’. This was no exception, particularly as the book that preludes this is in the scorned women’s society releases was an exceptionally enjoyable read. The book really delivered to say the least.

I found myself needing to keep reading from the moment I opened it on my kindle reader and before I knew it I was at 45%. The book was a complete slow burn romance and also a slow burn mystery I would say, if that’s a thing! The story unfolds so slowly, giving away just enough at a time to keep you wanting more at all times. There was plenty of intrigue and drama. I can guarantee that the characters are completely realistic and if you’re anything like me, you’ll find it difficult not to get attached to them (despite their obvious flaws).

The phantom of the opera message at the beginning had me picturing this story going all different ways, apart from the way it went. That’s not to say it didn’t have it’s fair share of heartache and frustrating moments. All in all I really enjoyed this book and the beautifully portrayed storyline. I think it’s safe to say after reading this book that when this isolation is over, I’ll be booking in to go and watch a show – I had all the feels for watching live music/opera and can’t wait to make it a reality.

The only thing giving my heart any aches about the second launch of Smartypants romance is the fact that I have all of my copies on my kindle and they’re so pretty I want them for my (overly packed) bookshelves.

“I think the past is tricky. It shapes so much of who we are. Mistakes, especially. But they’re necessary, you know? It’s a fine line between learning from them and being indebted to them.” – Devlin

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