Heir of Ashes – The Roxanne Fosch Files Book 1 by Jina Bazzar

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“It was still dark, but dawn wasn’t far away. Far in the horizon, where desert met sky, there was a shifting of colors, a deep bruise in the sky, as if sunrise hurt the dark before it became.”

Disclaimer – the author approached me and sent a free ARC digital download of the book in exchange for an honest review.

The opening introduction is written in first person by Roxanne Whitmore Fosch and I think it’s a perfect combination of intrigue and mystery. The introduction alone makes you want to turn the next page and see where the story takes you, fill in the holes that have been omitted and discover what’s not being said in between the lines.

Upon finishing the book, all I can say is wow. The author has such a talent for capturing scenes and internal dialogues, I found myself becoming increasingly more and more impressed as I immersed myself in the story of Roxanne Fosch. The story was built slowly, divulging information little by little and making the reader constantly hungry for more.

With enough intrigue and mystery, the book just keeps calling you back until you’ve finished every last page and what a book! Especially as a debut piece from the author, I don’t think the book could get any better. I’m both saddened that I’ve finished it and elated at the whirlwind adventure I’ve just been on. I’m excited to see what the author releases in the future, particularly in this series!

The book ends with an introduction to the author and just reading through it made me feel a renewed sense of wonder at the creation I’d just read and the obstacles overcome to produce such a wonderful work of art. The author also summed up reading in a wonderfully portrayed paragraph that resonated with me profusely – “A wanderer in this vast world, I’m just another body with a passion for the written word. There is no boundary I can’t cross, no limit I can’t push; my mind is my passport, my thoughts my mode of transportation. I’ve travelled to many planets, seen plenty of civilizations, old and new, both in this galaxy and others.”

Published by Tahmasebi Reads

I’m an avid reader, particularly of poetry and romance genres although I often read anything that takes my fancy. I’m an alpha/beta reader for author Alana Khan, an alpha reader for author Deja Blue and an ARC for NetGalley with a long review history on Amazon and Goodreads as well. Welcome to my blog!

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